Hi, my name is Emma from Emma Molly.

Thank you for your precious time on my story!

Emma Molly came from the journey of my self-care.

When I was in my early 20’s, I loved nature, freedom, flowers, medical science, reading and everything that is nice. I loved my job, believed that my dreams to have my own business and be myself must come true only if I worked hard.

When I got married and became a full time mother of two boys. I learned as many as impossible skills to take care of my little kids just like many other women in the world. Severely lack of sleep and anxiety made me depressing, unconfident and confusing. I spent too much time worrying about the future. I had no idea of what to value myself.

One day in the library, I found a book named <The Complete Book of Essential Oil and Aromatherapy> wrote by Valerie Ann Worwood, the master of aromatherapy. It brought me into a new world – the most original way to make us healthy and happy, both in body and mental. The gifts from nature are so amazing.

Beautiful scent evokes beautiful feelings of love, energy, power, happiness and appreciation from the bottom of your heart. It enhances your mood and lift your spirits.

I got to know organic scented candles at the wedding of my cousin, the fragrance remind me the scent of nature, where I had smelt flowers, grass, woods, grains and the scent of earth. It’s relaxing and joyful.

I tried to make candles with my favorite scents, organic soy wax, coconut wax or beeswax. I sent the candles to friends and relatives, they liked. I was so happy and really got self achievement.

My confidence and passion came back to me. Scented candles bring me peace before I make meditation, make me happy and boost my energy again.

Women have to make a balance or even struggling between family and self worth in career. That struggling really exhausts our energy.

What we can do is to focus on our goals, never stop learning even when we are stay-at-home-moms, so that we can get back to our career quickly after the kids go to school.

Only women love and value ourselves, know what we want, refuse what we do not accept, then we harvest respect and happiness.

I will keep growing up my brand, encouraging every woman I met to keep learning and building self-worth.

Treat ourselves and compete with ourselves. We are the only one that defines us.